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Well, well, well.. look who's in "treble..".

Classic pun.
I know.

– Bumper and Donald during new Treblemaker initiation

The Treblemakers
Group name: The Treblemakers
Type: A cappella group
Head: Bumper (formerly)
Institution: Barden University
Location: Georgia
Status: Active
Known members: Bumper (formerly)

The Treblemakers is an all-boy a cappella group at Barden University (based on "On the Rocks" an all-male a cappella group at the University of Orgeon) in Atlanta, Georgia who has won the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella six times before they lost to the Barden Bellas.

It was shown that they won the Riff-Off, when the High Notes were disqualified when one of their members was shown stoned and both the Bellas and the BU Harmonics were disqualified for matching the word "it" (It Feels Like the First Time) to "it's" (No Diggity).

Their cheer is "1, 2, 3, swag!!"

They are also one of the four A Capella groups at Barden University. The other three are the Barden Bellas, the High Notes and the BU Harmonics.

In the beginning of the movie, it shows 10 Treblemakers, although there are only 8 before Jesse, Benji, and Kolio join. 2 of them were presumably seniors.


Their name is a play on Trouble Makers, representing the group's wacky personality.

The name is a fairly obvious pun,and has been used for years by a fair number of real-life musical groups. In the world of collegiate a cappella,"Treblemakers" exist at

  • Carnegie Mellon University (mixed-sex)
  • Boston University (mixed-sex)
  • Cal Tech (all-female)
  • NYU (mixed-sex)
  • University of Maryland (all-female)
  • Northwestern University (mixed-sex,East-Asian-focus)
  • SUNY Binghamton (mixed-sex,alternative rock)
  • The College of New Jersey (all-female)
  • Drexel University (all-female)

"Treble" being a musical range more suited to female than male voices, the film's use of the name for an all-male group is fairly exceptional.

Current MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

Performed SongsEdit


2011 Finals

  • Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music


  • Flo Rida's Right Round

2012 Finals

  • Cee Lo Green's Bright Lights Bigger City/B.o.B. & Rivers Cuomo's Magic

Treblemakers Riff-Off SongsEdit

  • Ladies of the 80's
    • Toni Basil's Mickey
  • Songs about Sex
    • Salt-N-Pepa's Let's Talk About Sex
    • Foreigner's Feels Like The First Time
  • Songs about Butts (Riff Off 2)
    • Sir-Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back


  • Dazz Band's Let it Whip
  • Lovin Spoonful's Do You Believe in Magic
  • Mika's Lollipop


  • Newly induced Treble Makers
  • The New Treblemakers
  • Performing the Universal theme at the start of the film
  • Trebles' bus
  • Treble #3 when the Treblemakers are talking to the old dudes.

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