The High Notes is an a cappella group in Barden University, rightfully named, given that the members seem to be always high. Though they are not that "motivated" as stated by Chloe and Aubrey while introducing the groups to Beca. 

They are also one of the four aca-groups in Barden University. The other three are the Treblemakers, Barden Bellas and BU Harmonics

During the riff-off they only participated once. The only member (Jessica Jain) who sang got cut off since she was high. Although, the High Notes did not much take defeat that seriously given their present conditions.

The High Notes are also not seen competing in the regionals, semi-finals or finals.

Known Members

  • Katherine Finn
  • Tyler Forrest
  • Nate Howard
  • Ray Hudson
  • Jessica Jain (the high one)
  • Jordan Sudduth
  • Bryan (with the afro, last name unknown)