Stacie Conrad is a main character in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. She is the over sexually driven Mezzo-soprano member of the Barden Bellas. She is portrayed by actress Alexis Knapp.


Personality & Appearance


Major Relationships

Cynthia Rose

Relationship status: One sided attraction (Cynthia-Rose's side)
Stacie's most known relationship on the film series is with Cynthia-Rose. Stacie is often seen with Cynthia Rose as both are members of the Bellas. Cynthia Rose is shown to have some sort of affection for Stacie and her attractive appearance. They remain close friends although Stacie is shown to be somewhat uncomfortable with Cynthia Rose. Aubrey Posen and Fat Amy suspected Cynthia Rose was a lesbian. One instance was when she blew her rape whistle when Cynthia Rose was trying to grab her during the Bellas' fight. They were also together during the aca-initiation night when Stacie asked Cynthia Rose if she could count on her to pull up her hair when she pukes. During the riff-off Stacie sang with Cynthia Rose in one song against the Trebles. In the second film, when Stacie make a comment about The Bellas being a bunch of girls that only hang out after their alleged demise, Cynthia-Rose replies "what's wrong with that?" and blinks her eyes. At the Lodge at Fallen Leaves, when the Bellas are about to sleep in the tent, Stacie ask Cynthia-Rose if she touch her breasts and Cynthia said yes.

Minor Relationships



  • Alexis has played the role of a stereotypical "hot girl" who has a highly sexual nature in Pitch Perfect, Project X, and So Undercover.
  • Knapp will star in the films "Super Fun Night" (TV Movie) alongside co-stars Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) & Anna Camp (Aubrey); and "Cavemen" alongside co-star Skylar Astin (Jesse).
  • Alexis Knapp has a child, Kailani Phillippe-Knapp, with actor Ryan Philippe.  Kailani was born not too long before rehearsal for the movie started, and she is seen in some behind the scenes pictures with the cast.


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