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  • I live in a Very Luxurious Apartment
  • My occupation is Focusing on the good things
  • I am Male
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  • So the backstory was that a sub forum called "Off Topic", located on the Roblox forums, was planning a raid on your wiki. And I, whose username is also this on Roblox, tried to stop them. I  had contacted the proper wiki authorities, and am glad that you could finally clean this mess up. Thank you for helping to clean this disaster.

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    • Jr Mime wrote: Yeah, we do have global tools and all, and we do use it a lot of times. What I mean is that, when a vandal is blocked by us, an admin is free to change or leave the block there. We do not replace admins, and no, we aren't on 24/7 lol :p, just on at the right times ;).

      Andd, it all depends on the admins. Some don't know what they are doing, I agree, but some also do (more on the rare side).

      alright I was unsure about most of this, thanks

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