Mary Elise is a former soprano member of the Barden Bellas before getting "Treble-boned" in Pitch Perfect. She was portrayed by actress Caroline Fourmey.


Mary Elise first appeared during auditions, where she sang "Since U Been Gone" with the others. She got into the Barden Bellas along with nine other girls.
Mary Elise
She didn't stay in the group for long, due to being "Treble-boned" by an unknown Treblemaker after taking the Bella oath. She was kicked out by Aubrey the next day, along with Kori.


Mary Elise is shy, and very quiet.


Mary Elise wears black glasses and has short hair with light brown highlights. She is a medium height and thin.


Beca Mitchell

They both joined the Bellas at the same time. The two can be seen interacting at the aca-initiation night, telling her to "just be careful." Later, when she is kicked out of the Bellas, Beca defends her.


After officially becoming Bellas, the two hug each other.

Fat Amy

Fat Amy quietly calls her a slut, after she was kicked out of the Bellas.

Aubrey Posen

Aubrey is the one to kick Mary Elise out of the Bella after being "Treble-boned." She then tries to explain to Aubrey that it was an "accident," but it fails. This causes her to run out of the auditorium crying.


Mary Elise can be seen dancing with Donald at aca-initiation night.

  • It was actually Kori that is seen dancing with Donald, not Mary Elise. No one really knows which Treblemaker Mary Elise had a sexual relationship with.


"Just be careful, okay?"

-Mary Elise to Beca on aca-initiation night

"It was an accident I...."

-Mary Elise trying to explain her situation to Aubrey

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