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Jessica Main
gender Female
Occupation Student
A capella singer
Member of Barden Bellas
Portrayed by Kelly Alice Jakle


Jessica is an active member of the Barden Bellas, she is one of the sopranos in the Bellas.


Jessica's first appearance is during the auditions, where she sang Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" with the others. She sang the line, "Dedicated, you took the time." where she points to her watch and shakes like an absentminded person. She is also shown to be active in their performances despite being marked insignificant by Aubrey. Aubrey pointed out that it's like they haven't existed all year long. The Insignificant Ones (as some fans call Denise, Ashley and Jessica) were Fat Amy's backup dancers during her solo in their performance during the finals.


Although little was seen of her, she appears to have a bubbly and eccentric personality. Every time she is shown she is smiling (almost). She was in the auditions for "Since You Been Gone" saying "Dedicated, you took the time" pointing to her watch. Jessica seems to be a little absent - minded also. She is seen during training being shown to be a little less eccentric in her performances.





Jessica seems to be close to Ashley in comparison to the other girls. When Aurbrey vomited and the Bellas fought, Ashley can be seen comforting Jessica in the background.

Ashssica Campfire

In the second film, they are seen linking their arms together in the background, and cuddling at the campfire. Beca says "Jessica, Ashley, to be honest I don't know which one of you is which."


  • Kelley Jakle was dating Adam DeVine until June 2014, when they broke up during the filming of Pitch Perfect 2.
  • Kelley is a two-time real-life ICCA champion as a member of the mixed-sex SoCal Vocals.

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