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gender Male
Occupation Student
Lead Singer
Radio Station Intern
Member of Barden Treblemakers
Significant others Beca Mitchell (Assumed Girlfriend)
Portrayed by Skylar Astin

Jesse Swanson is a freshman at Barden University. In the film, he serves as Beca Mitchell's love interest and the deuteragonist.


Jesse joins the Treblemakers and later becomes the lead singer when Bumper ditches the group to sing backup for John Mayer. After the 2012 ICCA Finals, Jesse is revealed to have become the leader of the Treblemakers, appearing at that year's a cappella auditions.

Freshly graduated from high school, Jesse enrolls at Barden University, where he auditions for the Barden Treblemakers, and subsequently gets in. Jesse spends most of the movie trying to get close to Beca.

Jesse movies

Jesse showing Beca his movies

He also always looks out for her, although she eventually snaps and tells him to back off and stop. Visibly hurt, he complies, and over spring break, he does not meet with or even approach Beca, who spent her nights taking the nighttime shift at the school radio station. 

Beca comes to apologize, and Jesse initially rebuffs her, telling her to "figure it out." At the finals, Jesse becomes the leader of the Treblemakers, retaining his position as lead singer, along with Benji. As the Bellas sing Beca's set list, they sing the theme to The Breakfast Club, and Beca and Jesse reconcile their differences with a kiss.


Jesse is friendly, and very outgoing, displaying a very jovial, extroverted nature. He quickly befriends his socially awkward roommate, Benji, and is quick to be friends with Beca. Jesse is very loyal and a passionate singer, eventually auditioning and getting into the Barden Treblemakers.

His loyalty becomes apparent as Jesse backs up Beca whenever she gets into trouble, though she seems to be more annoyed than grateful for this. Jesse, though, knows when to take the hint. After Beca snaps at Jesse, saying that she doesn't need his help, he starts to back off, though they eventually reconcile and become a couple.

Jesse is also an avid movie fan, his favorite movies being Jaws, Million Dollar Baby, The Breakfast Club, Rocky, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Relationship Edit

Beca is Jesse's friend who later on became his girlfriend


Skylar Astin portrays Jesse in the film Pitch Perfect. Skylar has a sister named Brielle and two brothers.


  • Jesse's actor, Skylar Astin, voiced Roy, a Nicelander in Wreck-it Ralph.
  • He & Benji are the new leaders of the Treblemakers.


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