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Full name: Jesse Swanson
Alias: "Scores on Stage"
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Lead Singer
Radio Station Intern
Member of: Barden Treblemakers
Significant Others: Beca Mitchell (Assumed girlfriend)
Portrayed by: Skylar Astin

Jesse Swanson is a freshman at Barden University. In the film, he serves as Beca Mitchell's love interest and the deuteragonist.


Jesse joins the Treblemakers and later becomes the lead singer when Bumper ditches the group to sing backup for John Mayer. After the 2012 ICCA Finals, Jesse is revealed to have become the leader of the Treblemakers, appearing at that year's a cappella auditions.

Freshly graduated from high school, Jesse enrolls at Barden University, where he auditions for the Barden Treblemakers, and subsequently gets in. Jesse spends most of the movie trying to get close to Beca.

Jesse movies
Jesse showing Becca his movies
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He also always looks out for her, although she eventually snaps and tells him to back off and stop. Visibly hurt, he complies, and over spring break, he does not meet with or even approach Beca, who spent her nights taking the nighttime shift at the school radio station. 

Beca comes to apologize, and Jesse initially rebuffs her, telling her to "figure it out." At the finals, Jesse becomes the leader of the Treblemakers, retaining his position as lead singer, along with Benji. As the Bellas sing Beca's set list, they sing the theme to The Breakfast Club, and Beca and Jesse reconcile their differences with a kiss.


Jesse is friendly, and very outgoing, displaying a very jovial, extroverted nature. He quickly befriends his socially awkward roommate, Benji, and is quick to be friends with Beca. Jesse is very loyal and a passionate singer, eventually auditioning and getting into the Barden Treblemakers.

His loyalty becomes apparent as Jesse backs up Beca whenever she gets into trouble, though she seems to be more annoyed than grateful for this. Jesse, though, knows when to take the hint. After Beca snaps at Jesse, saying that she doesn't need his help, he starts to back off, though they eventually reconcile and become a couple.

Jesse is also an avid movie fan, his favorite movie being The Breakfast Club.


He has short brown hair that is slightly curly and dark, with brown eyes. He usually has on a "quirky grin", and his look is often described as "dorky" but attractive. He has an athletic body type, but is lean.


Beca MitchellEdit

Beca first saw Jesse when she got off her cab. They later on personally met when they both served as interns in the radio station (In one deleted scene at the Radio Station, Jesse immediately confessed his feelings to Beca by saying that he's gonna make Beca fall heads over heels over him). Their next encounter was when he saw Beca's audtion. He was very surprised and amazed at her performance.

They later on bonded even more by the means of stacking CDs in the radio station. Jesse also attempted to make Beca smile a few times when he imitated a few faces seen in albums. Inside the Barden campus, they also had a picnic together as Jesse showed Beca his movies. Jesse later on learned that Beca disliked movies (especially the endings). He then attempted to get her to like them. One moment was when he went to her room and brought the movie "The Breakfast Club" after listening to Beca's mash-ups. They almost kiss but are interrupted.

During the Trebles' fight with the Tonehangers after the regionals, Beca was the first to take action when a Tonehanger started fighting with Jesse. This later on lead to her arrest in which Jesse called her dad to bail her out. Beca then got mad at him, exclaiming that he was in no position to do that since he was not her boyfriend.

Later on, when Jesse checked up on  the situation with the Bellas during the semi-finals, Beca shouted at him. This lead to a dispute in which Beca tried to fix later on. Sadly, her attempts to reconcile with Jesse was rejected by Jesse himself. Jesse stated how he was mad due to the fact that Beca pushed away everyone she cared about, and that their relationship isn't that clear to him.

Jesse and Beca Kiss 1
Beca and Jesse kissing after the Bella's performance.
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Beca then watched the movie Jesse had been getting her to watch before, which was "The Breakfast Club". This time, she watched throughout the whole film, and even cried. She later on used the song found in the film for the Bellas' performance in the finals. In the finals, Beca was seen to be talking to Jesse again, wishing him good luck. They later on reconciled by throwing their fist in the air, imitating an act done in "The Breakfast Club". Both Jesse and Beca were seen looking at each other during the rest of the performance. Afterwards, Beca approaches Jesse, calling him a weirdo and then kisses him, confessing her feelings.


Benji is Jesse's roommate. At first Jesse found him to be weird since his room was a little bit over the top. However, they remain good roommates and friends. They walked together in the activities fair, looking for organizations to join in. Both of them approached the Trebles but was later on asked to go away. Jesse advised Benji to be less weird, regarding the things he said to Bumper. Jesse also accompanied Benji when he auditioned for the Treblemakers (Benji possibly didn't get in the Trebles due to his "uniqueness" and Bumper's dislike for him). It was also shown that Jesse sadly questioned why Benji wasn't accepted as a Treble during his initiation. He was also the one who persuaded the Trebles to take in Benji when Bumper had left the group. 


Jesse first sees Donald with the other Trebles when they were singing in the university grounds. Both Jesse and Donald perform and rap during the Trebles' performances. Donald was also willing to take in Jesse's suggestion to take Benji in. 


They do not interact much during the whole film, but after the Bellas performance at the Finals, Jesse mouths "That was great," and makes a heart sign for Beca and behind him was Bumper, looking irritated. After Bumper leaves the Treblemakers, Jesse becomes captain, and lets Benji in.


Jesse first impression to Luke wasn't all that good, for the fact that he was late in his first day as an intern. Jesse continues to work in the radio station, alongside Beca. He also does small tasks for Luke, such as getting his lunch. Luke and Jesse have a "competition" on who can impress Beca more. Luke seems to be doing better than Jesse with his 6-pack. He often appears as jealous of him.


- Jesse's actor, Skylar Astin, voiced Roy, a Nicelander in Wreck-it Ralph.

- He & Benji are the new leaders of the Treblemakers.


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