Florencia "Flo" Fuentes is a main character in Pitch Perfect 2. She is one of the new Bellas who is a foreign exchange student that joined during her sophomore year when she came to Barden University from Guatemala. She is portrayed by Chrissie Fit.


Pitch Perfect 2

It is hinted that she is an illegal Guatemalan immigrant as she said during their retreat that she will probably get deported. She also hints at how bad her life was before she came to Barden, as she said that she had diarrhea for seven years and has a brother who once tried to sell her for a chicken.


  • She is the third known bassist of the Bellas, replacing Denise and Chloe Beale.
  • Flo is officially the shortest Bella (by an inch).
  • Due to her being an illegal Guatemalan immigrant, her real name may not be Florencia Fuentes.

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