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Aubrey Posen
Aubrey Blows
gender Female
Occupation Singer
Member of The Barden Bellas
Portrayed by Anna Camp

Aubrey Posen is a graduate of Barden University, and ex-co-leader of the university's all-female a cappella group, the Barden Bellas.


Following the 2012 ICCA finals, Aubrey is a graduate of Barden University, and former co-leader of the reigning ICCA champions, the Barden Bellas.

Pitch PerfectEdit

In the beginning of the movie, Aubrey, a junior at the time, caused the loss of the Barden Bellas at the 2011 ICCA finals, after vomiting during her solo. Determined to redeem herself and restore the Bellas' reputation, she recruits several new freshmen—virtually all of the current members of the Bellas— to the Bellas along with fellow co-leader, Chloe. Aubrey, a perfectionist,  often rejects the suggestions and ideas of others, most especially freshman Bella Beca's. Aubrey's controlling nature tears a rift in the group during the Regionals, where a quarrel between Aubrey and Beca deprived the Bellas one of its more capable members. 

Following Beca's departure, Aubrey has trouble keeping the Bellas together, who have grown uninspired. When Beca returns, Aubrey is initially reluctant to accept her again, but eventually relents. Having reconciled, Aubrey gives Beca free reign to do what she thought would help the Bellas win. By the 2012 finals, the Bellas have taken on a new look; everything from their uniforms to their setlist have been updated. Using Beca's set list, the Bellas successfully redeem themselves and win the championship, breaking the Treblemakers''s six-year winning streak.

Personality and traitsEdit

After suffering an embarrassing incident during the 2011 ICCA finals, Aubrey resolves to win next year's championship. Because of this resolve, Aubrey wants everything done her way. She often clashes with Beca and berates the rest of the Bellas, often blaming Beca for the group's (actually Aubrey's) failures and shortcomings. She is evidently stubborn, refusing to believe that their unchanging, bland choreography and setlist are boring the audience and the judges, instead choosing to pin the blame on anyone who tries to change anything, most notably Beca.

Aubrey is also stubborn, to an extent – even when she is at fault, she (at first) refuses to accept responsibility. She eventually defeats her pride by handing over leadership to Beca before the finals, whose changes to the group eventually win them the 2012 ICCAs.


Aubrey is portrayed by Anna Camp in Pitch Perfect.


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