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• 1/14/2018

PP3 reactions (and Bechloe)


Am I the only one who thought the way they filmed PP3 was so..weird ? For me there is no really a story, they only make many references to the others movies...
And WTF about bechloe ? I'm so angry !!!
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• 1/14/2018
I really need to speak about it !
They show us a little video between Anna and Brittany where they were so close to kiss to promote the film.
But they gave another love interest to Chloe ! The worst, is that it does not add anything to the story. All the alchemy we felt between them in the others 2 wasn't here for my mind !
Beca and Chloe seems to be like strangers.
The prod literally laugh on bechloe's fans face. Shameful.
• 1/15/2018
I think its more supposed to be a feel good movie and less of a romantic. at the end chloe did kiss the guy but I think they wanted to make sure people knew that the bellas were all going to go their own ways afterwards and if beca and chloe got together it would change that. I think it was really good,fun, and happy. and I loved the movie. keep in mind there were different writers than the first two movies so it’s going to have a different style, they can’t stop that. the movie was more about the tour and a farewell tour and then ending everything. it would be nice for a pp4, but for now, they wanted to make a satisfying ending which I think they did❤️
• 1/17/2018
How did you watch pitch perfect?!omg how?!i really want to whatch that!
• 1/17/2018
idk it came out december 23 and I saw it opening night💖
• 5/6/2018
Yeah, they kinda spent loads of money on DJ Khalid and couldn't really afford to do much...
• 5/27/2018
at the end of pp3 Kendrick and Brittany filmed a kiss between them but the producers did not put it at the end of the movie
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